Redelivery & Refund Policy

Redelivery & Refund Policy of CNShip4Shop Limited

(A)Where the Products sold to the customer are damaged or the wrong product has been delivered to the customer, the customer should report to CNShip4Shop Limited Customer Service.

(B)Before processing customer’s claim for refund or exchange, the following requirements should be met:

i. The customer should submit the claim for a refund or exchange thought email within 24 hours after the product is delivered.

ii. The customer should clearly state the reason for the refund or exchange in the application.

iii. The customer should provide a photo or video of the wrong or damaged products. These wrong or damaged should be in their original packaging.

(C)According to the documents provided by the customer, CNShip4Shop Limited will review the claim whether the damage is caused by the customer’s incorrect use of the product after receiving, or whether the problem is product quality or wrong product delivery to the customer.  CNShip4Shop Limited will determine whether to accept or reject the case. If it is confirmed that the cause is a quality issue or wrong product delivery, CNShip4Shop Limited will negotiate with the customer and decide whether to process a refund or exchange of the product. The refund or exchange arrangement depends on the negotiation with the customer.

(D)Refund: CNShip4Shop Limited shall complete the refund with the customer within 14 working days after confirmation of refund measure.

(E)Redelivery: CNShip4Shop Limited shall re-ship the product within 2 working days after confirmation of redelivery measure.

CNShip4Shop Limited is not responsible for the provision of any form of return service for any orders.

20/05/2023 Version 1.0

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